Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cast out of the Garden
and walking among thorns
they found themselves alone, from His presence torn
by their own hands' admission
sin laid a guilty claim
upon these two creations
and all who bear their name.

Doubting and unsure of
A promise so unheard of
They laughed at Him.
How could someone of my age

Be the one to bear a son?
But a nation you have promised, with new names you have called us
Your will be done.

A gentle girl and a carpenter
you chose to bring the word
of your Great Love.
And when she held this tiny child
she saw a king to be
But why and when and how
Remained a mystery.

And then upon that cross
It seemed all hope was lost
Proclaimed a criminal, they led him to the Skull
where all could see.
This Savior you have called, now helpless, beaten down
And although he wore a crown
Sin, he bore, 'stead majesty....