Monday, July 16, 2007


I just finished reading the blog of some Trinity sponsored missionaries in Uganda ( and am still overwhelmed by the testimony of God’s provision for their medical mission there. Government and NGO funding ran out for one of their nutritional programs, and through word of mouth (and blog) individuals have stepped in to give money towards covering the cost of maintaining this program for an entire year! The monthly budget is $1600, which covers food and supplies for about 50 children at $1 per child per day.

Obviously this is an incredible blessing to the Myhre family and to the children they serve, but it is also such a huge reminder of how God provides through his people. Every time I read this blog my heart hurts to see the physical pain these people live in, but I also rejoice knowing God is caring for them through these organizations and through the daily labor and prayers of His people in Uganda. I admit, I am jealous to see God work like this in my own small-town American life. To have needs so BIG that only God could provide…. And to give Him praise for His provision.

The thing is, although our meals are all but a guarantee here and we have access to education and health care… we are not without need. I myself have believed the lie that we are capable. A problem? We can fix it. Sometimes a crisis hits, and we hit our knees… but most days I can go through my daily routine and even my work in a church and could have never asked the Lord for His help. There is a balance, of course; I am not suggesting that we are devoid of any reasoning, capabilities, or talents and helplessly need a divine babysitter. I am suggesting that if I knew, really knew, God’s power and strength and believed Him for what He has promised I would acknowledge that I want to be a part of what He is doing every day.

Philippians calls us to step out of our anxiety and into prayer, asking God with thanksgiving to give us His peace and meet us in our need. It doesn’t say, Call when you REALLY need me. How many times a day do you get anxious? Stressed? I want to learn to ask Him to meet me in the little things, and to pray that He will show up in a BIG way.

It is tempting to me to go to Africa again—to experience the overwhelming need and rely on Jesus being alive to get us through each day. That would almost be easier than staying here in Charlottesville, pushing aside my “ability” and relying on Jesus. How do you pray Africa-sized prayers in a small town?