Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Special guests

Today at Jackson-Via we had some musicians come and play for our two preschool classes. One particularly enthusiastic girl announced, "Oh I LOVE munitions!!!"


Monday, October 27, 2008

Today I walked into my Monday morning practicum site and first of all was greeted with a sweet hug from one of my little boys. There's nothing like starting the week off like that!

Then another little boy who is almost entirely a Spanish speaker came running up to me and announced, "I am having a happy Halloween!" Its Oct. 27th :)

It's the first sentence I've EVER heard him speak! He usually just says "Yup" and "Whats'at?" repeatedly. It's so fun to see how much his vocabulary is expanding... today he also correctly named Circles and Squares in Colorama (you know you wish you got to play that game).

Happy day...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Some choice quotes from the week...

My Shannon is weird.
-- Annabel

You smell like an airplane!
-- Jaylyn

Ania: I saw the real Cinderella. Her sisters made her do all the work. That wasn't very nice.
Me: That's true. What could Cinderella have done about that?
Ania: She could pack up her stuff and leave.
Me: Why do you think she decided to stay instead?
Ania: Because the prince was there of course.

Me: Liv, what did you like about the trip to Whole Foods last week?
Livia: The goat cheese! It tasted like clouds.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

a fruitful weekend

It was the annual apple festival at Carter's Mountain Orchard this weekend!
Ellen and I headed up the mountain in lil rojo with some of our favorite ladies...

We wandered through the trees in search of the perfect apples... and it ended up that we picked 20 pounds of apples!!! So we came home and got baking...
Apple Pie 2008

The lovely Lauren came over for dinner and brought her ice cream maker so we enjoyed delicious vanilla ice cream with our pie!

Then today after church we decided to put a few more pounds of apples to use in the neighborhood...

Homemade applesauce & molasses cookies

We wandered around the street meeting new neighbors and inviting them to our Pumpkin Carving Party later this month! I'm looking forward to it... and to more pie. :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Let's Play Football!

I have two practicum sites this semester where I basically observe children in preschool programs and help the teachers in any way I can. So my Monday and Friday mornings are spent in two different schools in C'ville, and I always come home with stories.

Last Friday, during indoor recess one of the little boys in my class asked me to play football with him....

G: Miss Shannon! Will you play football with me?
Me: Well sure! Do you want me to be the quarterback or do you?
G: (looking confused) No, here's how we play... you throw the ball and I catch it. Then I fall down, and the other guy helps me up. Thats how you play football.
Me: Sounds good.

I proceed to throw the ball... which G attempts to catch :) He then ignores the ball and proceeds to flop his four-year-old self on the ground. I pause... he opens one eye and with a frustrated tone says,

G: Ok! Now you're the other guy. You have to help me up.

Which I did... because thats how you play football :)

more anne

Anne Lamott is one of my all time favorite authors... beloved for her wit, honesty about brokenness, and charming reliance on Jesus. I just started her latest book Grace (Eventually) and read this the other night...

I would be fine with life's contractions if they would simply pass when I am ready for them to, so I can be okay again and remember what, after all, I'm doing in labor. Being human can be so dispiriting. It is a real stretch for me a lot of the time.

Anne (we're on a first-name basis) is referring to childbirth and how the pain is worth the end result, much like the sufferings of our faith bring eventual glory. I just love her honesty here... you can hear her clench her fists and stomp her feet a little because life is just frustrating sometimes. Call it what it is!


I am so bad at posting on this... as my friend Stephanie and I talked about it feels weird to put your life on display, especially when you're just in the US (as compared to Uganda, Bolivia, Korea or one of the many other places my friends now live!)...

but as I muddle through gradschool there are some thoughts to share, some quotes that inspire, and some questions I have... so they'll come up occasionally!