Thursday, March 31, 2011

dear children,
again, i think you overestimate cousins.
ms shannon

me: dont be a bully. you're not going to have friends if you are being mean.
k: so. i dont need friends. i got cousins.
child: ms shannon. i got bad news.
me: oh yea whats that?
child: i peed all over myself.
me: bad news indeed.
man these grapes are smokin' yummy.
-- t.
me: what did you build?
c: a house.
me: who lives in the house.
c: america.

i hope you do build houses for america to live in, little friend.
dear babies,
science is hard. i know.
ms shannon

me: do you know what gravity is?
z :I KNOW!
me: what is it?
dear munchkins,
i wish i could take all of you on vacation with me.
then i rethink that wish.
ms shannon

me: boys and girls i wont be here tomorrow because me and mr matthew are going on vacation to a cabin in the woods.
z: where are you gonna sleep?
s: where are you gonna go to the bathroom!
me: guys, cabin is another word for house.
speaking of professionals...

while at the writing center, T interrupted A as she was about to go to town with the stapler.

T: No, A! you can't use the stapler. you have to be a professional. here watch me. i'm a professional.

clearly all you need is confidence.
dear children,
i can't wait to see what you actually become when you grow up.
ms shannon

me: C, what do you want to be when you grow up?
C: (((long pause))) santa clause. (shorter pause) does santa live in outer space?
me: last time i checked he lived in the north pole.
C: where's the north pole?
t: oh the north pole is way out in the country.
dear children,
cousins and colors are two different things. we'll work on this after spring break.
ms shannon

C: look ms shannon! d and me and both wearing blue! that means we're cousins!

close, so close.

happy spring break

dear children,
sometimes you are great at telling the truth.
ms shannon

earlier this week we had a literacy event at school and i had planned to bring j with me because her family doesn't have a car. r immediately begged me to bring her too.

r: why can't you bring ME tonight?
me: because your mom can bring you.
r: but i need a BREAK from my mom! my mom needs a break from me! we all need a break!
dear children,

i love it when you try and cover all your bases to get what you want.

yesterday a little hispanic boy rode up to me and ms va and pointing at ms va's bike said, "me want that bike." (which happened to be the exact same bike he was already riding but no matter)

ms va prompted him, "por favor?"

he responded, "pleasethankyouyou'rewelcome."