Saturday, June 06, 2015

Parenting 2.0

Parenting 2.0

Y'all. Having two kids is really hard. I don't know how my grandmother raised 6 essentially by herself. I don't know how anyone has more than two, honestly.

We have been having lots of paradoxical moments where I think, "Oh man, we so don't got this." and five minutes later am glowing with our seeming success in managing a newborn and a 3.5 year old..."Oh yea, we got this!"

For example...

The threenager got out of his bed 72 times last night with various claims
... there is hair in my mouth.
... I need more water.
... I'm still hungry.
... I bumped my elbow.
.... I need more love!

We went from patiently putting him to bed to yelling, "GET IN YOUR BED" in about 2.5 minutes.
::We don't got this::
He finally went to sleep about an hour and a half after his bedtime. Whew...

I cuddled our newborn (aka the blessed child because he cannot talk and therefore cannot ask us 1789 questions), watched a little Game of Thrones (so f-ing good) with the hubbie, had a beer and thought...
::We got this!::

Cue threenager to wake up at 11pm, about 20 minutes after husband got precious newborn to sleep and about an hour before I anticipated having to be up again to feed said newborn.
... I'm scared of the "dark-i-ness"
... I need more love.
... I need three night lights, not two!
... I need you to tuck me in!

The expected yelling match, sweating, struggle ensues.
::We don't got this::

Today I was changing newbie's diaper in the living room and the no-longer-hysterical three year old wanders in with a fist full of parsley and basil he has picked from the kitchen garden so that his baby brother could smell them.

:: We got this::

On the way to the grocery store the three year old asks husband, "What does Mighty One Who Saves mean?" after hearing a song lyric. A discussion about sin and our need of Jesus ( holy cow do we need him) begins.

:: We got this:

At dinner, three year old declares to me, "Mama you cannot ever leave me. That is SIN."

:: Ok, maybe we don't got this.::

We are exhausted, over caffeinated, in love, exasperated, ready to cuddle and/or sell our threenager at and kissing/begging our newborn to sleep at any given moment. We are thankful for grace upon grace, for mercies new every morning (and espresso).