Thursday, June 25, 2009

New to me

I just drove my "new" car for the first time tonight!!! It's an 03 Honda Civic Hybrid (go green) and its DELIGHTFUL! The whole time I was driving around with Ellen, Nana, and Daddy I kept saying ooo I didn't have that before in my '89 Cabriolet :)

Here's the running list...
- automatic windows
- a roof :)
- a legit trunk bigger than a locker
- a ding when i leave my lights on (an almost daily occurance)
- a working gas gauge
- a working emergency break (Well lil rojo's works, but the button to make it work doesn't)
- ac!!!!
- a radio that doesn't need to be removed everytime i get out
- good gas mileage (although i give you credit rojo at 30 mpg for trying)
- CUP HOLDERS. seriously. dont by a car without them.
- airbags

pictures to come. name suggestions welcome.

more vbs

Me: Elijah what did you learn about at VBS today?
E: Jesus!
Me: What about Jesus?
E: He died.
Me: Why did he die on the cross?
E: He said a bad word.

Lauren to her students on the first day of our kingdom themed VBS:
You can call me Mrs. Thompson if you like, or maybe Queen Thompson or Princess Thompson.

Child: How about Ogre Thompson?

Monday, June 22, 2009

VBS quotes

The blog has been silent for awhile... largely because of a lack of time spent with small children who produce hilarious quotes!

Well never fear... almost 200 children invaded Trinity today for a much anticipated week of VBS (by much anticipated I mean we started planning January 1st!!).

Two quotes from today:

My friend Lauren is teaching a Kindergarten class and she told her students, "Today we're going to learn a Bible verse. It's from the Psalms."

One of the kids in her class promptly offered, "I probably already know it."

After VBS I was taking two children to get lunch and after a short ride in my lil rojo car (which in all its 1989 glory does not have AC) we walked into McDonalds and Elijah (4 years old) sighs and pronounced, "Oh thank GOODNESS it's cold in McDonalds."

Good thing lil rojo will soon be retired in favor of the 2003 honda civic hybrid I just bought :) Pictures to come soon... suggestions for names??? It's light blue!