Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Your Mercies Are New Every Morning...

Sweet clarity
Of mind, heart, and soul
A new morning
And new mercies
Swept away with night's dark blanket
Are my worries, fears, and doubts.
Risen with the warm golden sun
My hopes and dreams come out.
A day that holds
All things new
And unguarded you see my heart.
A brand new day, new chance
New start.
I stand just still enough
In the dawn's cool air
To see Your work begin
In me create a new desire
To delight in my God within.
It's here You dwell,
Lord of my Life
In my morning moments
When my vision's unclouded
My heart-all hopeful
For what is yet to come.
Lord run with me
Through this day,
Draw close and near to me
That I may always remember
This morning
This glimpse of sweet purity.
July 28, 2005
...a camp memory...