Monday, July 20, 2009

I was at a 5 year old's birthday party today and a mom shared with me that her daughter, Sophie, who is in my 2 year old class this year, had seen my picture on a friend's refrigerator and pronounced,

That's Miss Shannon! She lives in my class.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

on advertising...

The same book offers words of wisdom on advertising about the church's work for Christ:

II. How to advertise
5. Use bulletin boards.
(1)Every church should have one or more large bulletins standing out in front of the church constantly. On these announcements should be made of the services of the church, regular or special, from time to time. Something should always be upon the bulletin. The notice should be constantly changed so that people will be looking for something new. If there is no special service to be announced, a striking text of Scripture can be put upon the bulletin. It is usually desirable to have these bulletins on feet so that you can move them from place to place.

(2) There should also be large bulletins in conspicuous places throughout the city, places where many cars or carriages pass. The accouncements upon these bulletins should be in such large letters that they can be read by people in the carriages or cars as they go by. One bulletin in a good place is worth ten in poor places. Make a study of locations for your bulletins.

... obviously we are failing in bulletin board logistics around here ;-)

7. A large van with advertisements on all sides, driven up and down the thickly traveled streets, is a very useful and comparatively inexpensive form of advertisement.

In connection with evangelistic meetings recently held in Chicago a van eighteen feet long and ten feet high was covered with black cloth, on which was printed in white letters the announcement of the meetings and speaker. This was driven up and down the main thoroughfares and read by thousands. Many may say that this i undignified, but it serves to fill the church and bring men to Christ. It is better to sacrifice your dignity and fill your pews and save souls, than to keep your dignity and have an empty church and allow men to go down to hell.


Our fabulous volunteer Nancy left the book How to Work for Christ by R.A. Torrey written in 1902 on my desk today with a post-it marking the section about children... here are some delightful excerpts:

III. How to conduct children's meetings.
1. The first matter of importance is the arrangement of the children when they reach the appointed place of meeting.

They should not be allowed to huddle together at will, but as they come in the door should be met by competent ushers, and seated in classes of four or five, with experienced Christian workers at the end of each class. There should first be a class of boys, then a class of girls. This will do very much toward preventing disorder during the meeting. The object of having a teacher at the end of the class is not merely to keep order, but that the teacher may deal personally with the children at the close of the service.


4. There should be a Gospel sermon which the children can understand.
1. The sermon should be short; children were not made to sit still. A wise woman worker once said, "A boy has five hundred muscles to wriggle with, and not one to sit still with." There are a few rare men and women who can hold the attention of children for half an hour, or even an hour, I have seen it done; but for the average speaker to attempt to hold the attention of children more than fifteen or twenty minutes is positive cruelty.


9. Many find the blackboard very useful in children's meetings.
Children are oftentimes more easily reached through the eye than through the ear, and words or sentences written upon the board are more deeply impressed upon their heats than those that are merely uttered to them. A few people have the gift of drawing well, but one can use the blackboard to advantage who cannot draw at all. Children are gifted with imagination, and if you tell them what your pictures are, they will understand, and it will do the work.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Jumpstart Quotes

In cleaning up the disaster area that is my room (while simultaneously dancing to my new Love of Country mix) I found a list of quotes from our year at Jumpstart, so here we go!

Mikai: I'm growing food.
Me: Oh, are you a farmer?
Mikai: No! I work at Pizza Hut.

Me: What time is it?
Sincere: 60-o'clock.

This is A-Rock Bama. Our new President.
-- Jada

I eat grass. Cause I like it.
-- Cynciere

My mom is scared of Santa Clause.
-- Cynciere

One day after I did a handstand in the gym, Jasmine said in astonishment,
"Miss Shannon, you were a CLOWN!?"

Ms. Gaye: Does anyone remember who the pilgrims were?
Pleasant: ALIENS!